About us


PLX offers smart and cost-effective logistics solutions to facilitate cross-border parcel service. We drive growth for retailers and online platforms by ensuring great logistical performance by cross-border line-haul, the domestic delivery and return of items.

Although the internet has connected people and businesses worldwide, we have noticed cross border e-commerce remains a challenge for customers and e-commerce platforms alike. Many European online shoppers abandon shopping carts online, mainly due to high shipping costs and unclear return policies. It appears difficult for online shops to deliver good service to their international consumers in these areas. We believe the delivery process for cross border e-commerce can be made as simple, effective and cost-efficient as domestic delivery processes.

We believe international operating e-commerce platforms should be able to provide customers with the same services as local sellers in terms of speed of delivery, alternative delivery options and returns handling. We even dare to go so far by claiming that using PLX will make your on-line business a local appearance while benefitting from the international scale.