International Line-haul Services

The PLX European cross-border e-Logistics solutions are basically supported by a network of international line-haul services. These line-haul services enable PLX to organize a direct in-feed to and from the main platforms of its partners operating in the field of domestic parcel distribution.

The line-haul services are being executed in such a way that they provide a direct connection to the on carriage of domestic parcel services which results in the shortest possible lead-time of your parcel.

But there is more.  The line-haul services of PLX allow various direct and indirect cost savings opportunities. First of all it appears that domestic purchase of e-fulfilment tends to be more lucrative for e-tailers than a cross border approach. Thanks to the direct in-feed service of PLX this cost advantage will be within your reach. Besides this, PLX offers its clients to benefit from synergy effects on its line-haul concept by returning part of its cost-savings through substantial discounts.