PLX is focused on domestic distribution-, international line-haul- and returns services


Home Delivery (Domestic distribution services)

PLX can provide e-tailers and consumers end-to-end solutions for home delivery. As an integrator we are able to offer you the most cost-effective home delivery solution by optimizing the usage of our partner network.

We offer online retailers a variety of parcel distribution services for domestic and international markets via numerous agreements with leading national postal operators and private distribution networks throughout Europe. We are transparent about our network and the people we are working with. Smart IT solutions will provide you with full control over each outsourced process.


International Line-haul Services

The PLX European cross-border e-Logistics solutions are basically supported by a network of international line-haul services. These line-haul services enable PLX to organize a direct in-feed to and from the main platforms of its partners operating in the field of domestic parcel distribution.

The line-haul services are being executed in such a way that they provide a direct connection to the on carriage of domestic parcel services which results in the shortest possible lead-time of your parcel.

But there is more.  The line-haul services of PLX allow various direct and indirect cost savings opportunities. First of all it appears that domestic purchase of e-fulfilment tends to be more lucrative for e-tailers than a cross border approach. Thanks to the direct in-feed service of PLX this cost advantage will be within your reach. Besides this, PLX offers its clients to benefit from synergy effects on its line-haul concept by returning part of its cost-savings through substantial discounts.

Returns Management

European customers have high expectations and legal rights when it comes to returns. PLX offers its clients a complete international solution that enhances cost-effectiveness and reliability.

On-line shoppers want to minimize purchasing risks in respect of goods they do not have an opportunity to touch, feel or see. While returns and exchanges represent the last phase of a consumer’s purchase, it is often the first consideration when visiting an online store. It also starts to be a key-competitive factor with more and more sites offering free returns to boost consumer confidence and sales volumes.

PLX returns management is anticipating on this development by offering return solutions that enhance transparency (smart IT solutions), simplicity (single point of contact) and cost-effectiveness (synergy).